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Gym course management tool.

Project description
Project description

The Kursplaner, conceptualized and built by intersective, offers fitness clubs an efficient and convenient way to manage their broad selection of fitness and health courses. 

The over 15.000 registered members use the application to sign up for the courses which are assigned a capacity limit, giving the fitness clubs full control and transparency over who is coming. 



"How can we digitalize our course management, get control and save manual work?"

The key features of the project.

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Easy plan creation
Quick setup of training plans by creating infinitely repetitive or timely limited courses.
Full control
Members sign up for courses, avoiding empty or overcrowded courses and "No-shows".
Generate PDF
The clubs and members can generate a PDF of the course plans and print it for publishing it in the club and storing it, respectively.
Valuable insights into the popularity of courses and trainers.


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