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Matching-Plattform for gyms and fitness trainers.

Project description
Project description

With the business insights of our partner Safs&Beta, the leading education academy for fitness trainers, intersective conceptualized and created Fitpath, a highly functional and elaborate job market platform for fitness trainers. 

Gyms and fitnesstrainers alike can register on the platform to find new employees or employers, respectively.



"We want to offer our hundreds of trainers a go-to platform for finding a job while earning money with it"

The key features of the project.

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Publish profile and job offers
Job offers created by Gyms as well as the extensive profile settings for both gyms and trainers result in dedicated landingpages for each.
Powerful search algorithm
Trainers search for job titles and job attributes close to their location. Gyms search for trainers with special abilities. Both parties can store their searches for repetitive use.
Integrated marketing
For advertising the platform, the admins can setup features like automated account-creation on QR-code scan.
Paid booster features
Gyms can unlock paid, integrated features which are automatically charged on a monthly basis via Stripe, enabling them to use advanced functionality like featuring their job offers, doing analysis on followers and more.
High usability
A focus on usability – such as dashboards with overviews and instructions, a modern and clear design, explanation texts/popus – makes the platform quickly usable for anybody.
Countless Features
Further features like notifications on page visit, user following, saving gyms or trainers, export of contacts etc. make the users engage and stick to the platform.


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